Police chief answers MLAs’ call

Commissioner of Police David Baines updated members of the Legislative Assembly on the latest murders, robberies and burglaries that have been plaguing the island.

On Monday morning, the Leader of Government Business announced in the Legislative Assembly that he had asked the commissioner to meet with legislators to address their concerns about the crimes being committed on the island.

Mr. Baines met him and other MLAs that afternoon to tell them the latest on the investigations and ongoing inquiries, as well as initiatives he would like to see in place.

According to a press release from Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, those initiatives include approaching the Governor, Attorney General and the UK government to secure ‘urgent legislation that would permit witness evidence to be given with anonymity before court and the need in some cases to secure judge-only trials where potential threat to jurors is of concern’.

The release stated that he spoke to legislators of the need for increased police presence on the streets.

‘The public have a right to expect police to be on the streets and preventing crime, that is a priority, and whilst I have had to deviate staff from other areas, you will see more police around the island.

‘Officers have been deviated from some of the support roles within the service to compliment their patrol colleagues.’

Mr. Baines said a more visible and constant officer presence at key positions on the island was designed to prevent crime and intercept criminals more quickly when offences occur, and provide public reassurance.

He added that targeted operations are on-going to confront individuals known to police to be responsible for crime.

‘The increased activity will continue until we have stopped the spike in crime and arrested those responsible,’ he said.

He also repeated an appeal for members of the public with information to come forward, via Crime Stoppers on 800-8477, or directly to police, to give information on those they believe have firearms or are suspected of engaging in robberies to be identified.

‘I guarantee those giving information will have their information held confidentially and their identity protected,’ he said.

Mr. Bush was prompted to summon the police chief to speak with Cabinet members and the Opposition by a series of crimes over the weekend, including an armed hold up at Margaritavilla on Friday morning, an mugging at gunpoint of a woman as she left Casanova restaurant on Friday night and an attempted robbery of a man in Gun Bay in East End on Sunday. A gun was also used in an attempted robbery of the Alpha Outlet on Shedden Road on Monday morning.