Roje locks up FWD title with strong runs

The latest dexterity race proved to be an interesting one.

Not only did a fair amount of rides come out and put their suspensions to the test.

Much of the drama around the chase for the various division titles sorted themselves out.

About 15 cars and 75 people showed up to the Progressive loop last Saturday.

There they would be treated to a wide range of cars attacking the clock and dodging cones courtesy of the Cayman Motorsports Association.

During the race’s three-hour timeframe spectators would see Ian Tibbetts’s drag-prepped Chevy Corvette have a go and Robert Campbell’s Toyota MR-2 prove it has the speed to match its style.

Of course many of the regulars on the dexterity racing scene would be out in search of points.

Among them were Roje Williams in his black and blue Toyota Starlet, Bobby Hulse (the local motorsports association president) in his black Toyota Altezza and Keith P. Tibbetts III in his Valvoline-sponsored Subaru Impreza.

All put down dazzling runs, low times and enough theatrics to draw some spirited response from the race-hungry crowd.

Ultimately the veterans would have the last laugh as the likes of Andy Bodden, Roje Williams and Keith P. Tibbetts III made the battle round.

With most of the points and results tallied from this event it seems a few drivers can have cause (albeit slightly premature) for celebration.

One such racer is Roje Williams, whose strong performance last weekend ensures he will end up with a margin of victory greater than 240 points atop the FWD division.

In addition Ian Charley can rest easy atop the RWD division as neither John Godfrey nor Peter Jurgens (who were less than 200 points behind) raced last time.

In spite of the relentless assault of Michael Weatherford, Tibbetts III has the AWD section pretty much in his back pocket with another consistent battle round showing.

Lastly all signs point to David Terry winning the Corporate class, in spite of missing a number of races behind the wheel of the Automotive Art Volvo S40.

From here the final Time Attack race of the year is slated to take place late next month. Specific details, such as an exact date and venue, will be announced at a later date.

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