FAST goes back to basics

Daigle said that many of the 550 plus students that have taken the seminars in Cayman said they have noticed a difference in how the handle conflict. They are also more aware of their surroundings and feel more empowered.

‘On 28 November we will teach a basics seminar. Students will learn the ABCs of self defence; awareness skills, boundaries and core confidence and combat.

‘We teach the students to do everything they can to avoid a fight but if they are forced to defend themselves we encourage them to flip the switch and fight like crazy. The crazier person usually wins. We teach the students to tap into their adrenaline and use it to fight like a lioness trying to protect her cubs.

‘When we attack the students with our ‘bulletmen’ suits on we will not go down unless the students hit us real hard with multiple strikes. Our goal is to make this as realistic as possible and encourage them let loose with everything they have.

‘For those students who wish to take more advanced seminars we encourage them to sign up for the next survival ground fighting or the defence against armed assailants seminars.

‘If all of us learned these skills when we were young the world would be a safer place. People that feel empowered tend to avoid violent conflict.

‘If any companies or individuals would like to sponsor an anti bullying/personal safety class for children please contact us. Companies like The Cayman Islands Yellow Pages ,Bob Watler’s Metal Products, Mark Scotland’s Advanced Road Construction and Paving and Ghezzi Plumbing have sponsored seminars in the past.

‘Ideally, we would like to have a scholarship programme where we could teach these life skills to children that can’t afford it. This is possible with corporate support. I am sure there is a philanthropist out there that would lend support.’

  • For more information on the November basics seminar or sponsorship contact Bob Daigle at [email protected]