Calendar girls all squashed together

The Cayman Islands Squash Open is generating a lot of publicity for the Cayman Islands, including Vanity Fair and SKY TV coverage, but nothing compares to the latest publicity created from the event.

The women’s pro squash tour has just released a calendar that they shot while they were visiting Cayman, showing 12 beautiful female squash players enjoying Cayman’s beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The calendar was produced by the women’s pro squash tour and shot by celebrated American photographer Patricia Lyons.

It was shot in May during the 2009 Cayman Open, using a range of Cayman beaches and venues as the backdrop.

Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports there is, so naturally the top female pros are strong, healthy and fit. Beautiful athletes from a range of different countries posed for the calendar, including Sweden, Malaysia, USA, France, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia and Australia.

The beauty of the Caribbean wasn’t restricted to the beach photos. Cayman’s Courtney Stafford and Guyana’s Nicolette Fernandes are included in the calendar, with Fernandes gracing the calendar’s cover.

The women’s pro tour has tentative plans for shooting another calendar in April when they return to Cayman for the 2010 Cayman Open at Camana Bay.

Tournament Director Dan Kneipp said: “The response to the players’ calendar has been overwhelming, and it’s great that it’s generating so much more interest in the Cayman Islands.

‘I’ve spoken to the pro tour and they’re already discussing doing another calendar here next year. That will make the 2010 Cayman Islands Squash Open even better.”

The 2010 Cayman Open tournament will be worth over $2.5million to the Cayman Islands including hundreds of sports tourists and extensive media coverage for Cayman’s famous beaches.

The tournament will be streamed live on the internet through and the finals will be telecast live on Cayman27.

International TV coverage will include coverage on Sky TV and The Tennis Channel, and Vanity Fair coverage.

The all-glass court will have seating for 300 viewers, but there will also be free viewing areas for the public. The 2010 event aims to use the tournament to generate over $100,000 for the junior squash programme, allowing over 1,200 Cayman juniors to get free squash including free membership, lessons, equipment and transport for the following year.