Esso campaign assists Meals on Wheels

This year Esso Standard Oil has chosen Rotary Meals on Wheels to be the charity recipient of its Help Us Help campaign.

esso campaign

Mikes Esso Retail territory Manager Nancy vanderBol with Meals on Wheels Martha McField, chairperson Rosie Jamieson and Manager Beulah McField. Photo: Jewel Levy

Each year between November and December Esso Standard Oil conducts the campaign as a way of giving back to the community.

This year, the fuel corporation hopes to raise more than CI$30,000 though the support of their customers to assist the programme.

For every gallon of fuel purchased at an Esso service station from Friday 13 November until 20 December, three cents will be donated to the Meals on Wheels Programme to assist with providing much needed nutritionally balanced meals and social interaction for the ill, the less fortunate and the elderly.

Organizations which have benefitted from the campaign in the past include the Department of Education, the Pines and the National Trust Blue Iguana Recovery Programramme.

‘Esso is extremely pleased to be able to come onboard with the assistance with the Help Us Help campaign,’ said Nancy vanderBol, Mike’s Esso Retail Territory Manager.

Ms McField thanked Esso for its contribution.

‘We are extremely grateful, as the funds raised in this promotion are not just about the food that we provide for the seniors. The opportunity to interact and share thoughts with these individuals is what makes it important,’ she said.

‘Who knows, we might even save a life by delivering these meals to those who sometimes do not have visitors for a long period of time.’

‘It shows that someone cares,’ added Ms Beulah’s mother, Martha McField, who has been with the programme from its inception.

Rotary Meals on Wheels recently issued a plea to the community seeking volunteer drivers to assist with delivering noontime meals to those less fortunate in the eastern districts.

‘Two hours per week is all that is required, from 11 am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday, this still stands,’ said Beulah McField, head of the non-profit organisation.

Ms McField said the organization is currently assisting 169 families with meals but it is estimated that there are 300 meals per week required.

Box: About Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels programme has been delivering nutritionally balanced meals to the ill, less fortunate and elderly since 1997.

The programme began with Ms Beulah McField and her mom Martha McField cooking out of their home for 14 elderly persons in the district of George Town. The central kitchen was later moved to Teacher McField community Centre.

Government also supports the programme with a grant. Today Rotary has also come on board to assist as well as have many in the community.

Meals are currently delivered to the following points:

60 meals five days per week to George Town (there is a requirement of at least 80 meals per day)

40 meals five days per week go to Bodden Town

50 meals three days per week are distributed in East End. The agency is hoping to expand this program to five days per week

No meals are delivered in North Side but the organisation estimates there are 20 people in need of the service in this area.

It is estimated that there are 300 meals per week required. Food cost per meal is approximately CI$4.00.

For the programme to feed all of the people it has identified as being in need of the service, the organisation estimates that it will need approximately CI$312,000 in addition to its current Government funding.