Compass donates computers

Students at the John Gray High School were treated to new computers from the Caymanian Compass for their graphic design course recently.

compass donates

Press graphic designers Alex Angel and Kelly Irmen enlighten students about their profession. Photo: Stuart Wilson

Year 10 teacher Hamish Hamilton said he was asked to create a graphic design course for students at the school. However, the syllabus requires computers as an essential tool for the practical application of graphic design theory.

Mr. Hamilton explained that he had been promised lap top computers for the youngsters but when the financial position of the government became a concern, the computers could not be supplied.

Whilst talking to a friend who worked at the Compass, Mr. Hamilton said he discovered the company was updating its hardware and had some items left over.

Management at the Compass subsequently arranged to have four computers, five monitors and several scanners donated.

The company has pledged to donate more hardware as it becomes available.

Mr. Hamilton said, ‘A big thank you to the guys at the Compass for coming through. Without the computers, the class would be absolutely impossible. They have to be able to use a computer.’

The teacher added that the children needed at least 12 more computers; four for his class and eight for another classroom, as none were in the latter.

He appealed to any civic minded entity to consider assisting the students with their plight.

‘We are at a point where we are even struggling for paper at the school,’ said Mr. Hamilton. He added that despite the financial difficulties, a vinyl cutting machine, used to enhance graphic design, was donated by the government recently.

Graphic design is totally new at the John Gray High School, according to Mr. Hamilton.

He said most of the children would probably choose the class without a true idea of what it might be like.

As a result, the teacher invited graphic design professionals from the Compass to follow up the delivery of the computers with a presentation.

Students were introduced to the art of logo making during the session, which Mr. Hamilton said he hoped would lead them to design a logo for the new John Gray high School at some point.

‘It’s their school after all,’ said Mr. Hamilton.