Forbes thanks well wishers

It’s a sad time for the Forbes family in North Side following the death of Reuben Forbes in a vehicle accident a few weeks ago.

Dad Ronnie and mum Karen are worst affected and also grieving are his brother Ronald and sister Kirsten, 14.

Reuben, 20, swerved his truck and fatally crashed near Lover’s Wall in East End. Two passengers with him were injured and survived.

Ronald came into this paper’s offices this week to make a public thank you to all the kind people who have expressed their condolences.

‘My mother and father are doing pretty good now and my little sister has just gone back to school,’ Ronald said.

‘It’s a tough time but we’re really getting through it. That’s the one thing I want published. People of the Cayman Islands really show good faith and really come together not only in private support but also in public support.

‘It wasn’t just private members of the family that came together but also the general public who came together in a cumulative way.

‘It wasn’t just people from North Side but the entire island. Guys who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years came up from West Bay and express their condolences.

‘Even those who haven’t been able to come up or phone, Facebook or text, I know their deepest sympathies are with my family.’

Ronald, 24, is a world class sprint hurdler who competed in the Beijing Olympics last year. He returns to America on Saturday to resume training.

‘I’m trying to be the backbone for my family. We’ll never forget him but we just have to try to move on.

‘I’m sure that this circumstance will come up with another family somewhere. I really don’t hope it but it’s one of those facts of reality that we really can’t run from and I hope that they get the same support from the general public that we’ve had.’