No big Cliff-hanger for Weeks

One of the subplots around the Mickey Mouse tournament was the play of Cliff Weeks.

Last year’s overall champion had all eyes on him entering last weekend as he looked to take home trophies yet again.

Based on the play of other darters in recent months a repeat looked doubtful. His cause was hampered further by local president Arthur Ebanks saying his success came out of luck (see last Thursday’s Compass Sports section).

Weeks took it all in stride and answered the doubters in a big way. He may not have defended his singles title (he lost in the semi-finals) but he did win the doubles event alongside Mel Tagalog.

Naturally Weeks was quick to say his performance came from skill.

‘It was not about luck. I had to work to win the doubles. I must say there was extra competition compared to last year.

‘Mel (Tagalog) was awesome and he did very well. It was great to have him as a partner out there.’

Weeks, who is also an avid motorsports participant, says he felt extra pressure to step up and perform on Sunday.

‘I had a few jitters early on, mainly from trying to fight Arthur’s comments in my head. Then again I thank Arthur for giving me the motivation because I felt like I had to prove to everyone it was not luck.’

With the pressure off of his shoulders Weeks has his mind squarely on next year’s event.

‘I tell you the truth second place would not have cut it for me. Overall I came through with a first place finish and now I can relax. As for next year, I tell you what I’m taking first place again. The whole field has to live with that statement for a year.’