Racing in honour of Al and Jay Bodden

This Sunday the Cayman Motorsports Association is scheduled to host its first annual Time Attack Memorial Race.

In past years the event was held at the Lakeview Raceway in memory of Al Bodden, son of Jay Bodden, who had contributed so much to motorsports in Cayman before his passing.

Since his son’s passing, Jay Bodden vigorously supported the association until he passed away earlier this year.

It therefore seemed appropriate that the association should include Jay’s name for subsequent events, in recognition of his generous support of motorsports in Cayman.

Robert Hulse, President of the association, stated his feelings on the father-son combination.

‘Al and Jay Bodden were true supporters of motor racing, particularly autocross,’ Hulse said. ‘It was actually Mr. Jay’s land that Lakeview Raceway was created on.

‘The Motorsports Association owes a lot to these two men and that is why we felt it important to continue the tradition and hold a memorial event in their honour.’

Before the association began its diversion into dexterity racing with its franchise, Time Attack, it was solely a circuit racing club. Jay Bodden’s land played host to circuit races year round until the end of the season in November.

At that point racers and spectators would see endurance 100 lap races dubbed the Al Bodden Memorial endurance race.

Land development in the area saw the eventual destruction of the old track but Jay Bodden was able to allow the association to host Time Attack on a portion of his land since 2007.

Time Attack, being a dexterity event, will run differently from what people may remember of the original endurance race.

Typically racers at Time Attack would have between three to five runs. This event is to be held during the day, on Sunday from 9am until 6pm allowing racers to run ten times during the day.

The course is set to be fairly long by comparable standards, at around two minutes to finish a run.

The number of competitors allowed to sign up is capped at 20 and a person may only sign up if they are a fully paid association member and have run in at least two Time Attacks in the 2009 season.

Pre-registration is required and will be held at Parker’s in Industrial Park from 6-9pm.

Entry will cost CI$75 and includes food and refreshments for the day for drivers and will be held at the Progressive Loop behind CUC.

With the event being held in the daylight it should prove to be a little more exciting for spectators and drivers as the entire course will be relatively easy to see.

Spectators are urged to bring sun-block and an umbrella or hat for shade. The association will be providing refreshments and food to the public as well as a number of tents for shade. Space under those tents may be limited.

For the record Sunday’s event comes after an association meet last weekend was postponed. Originally the second race in the Full Throttle drag series was slated to take place at Breakers Speedway.

Although this race event will not count for points towards the years’ championship, it’s a last chance for racers to prove their skill before next season gets going in February 2010.

Sunday’s race should see some exciting battles and the general public is welcome to attend, support and participate in a truly enjoyable experience.

The association thanks Valvoline and Parker’s for their generous support in sponsoring this event along with Progressive Distributors.