Today’s Editorial for November 30: Time to get tough

This must stop.

The crime wave, which has persisted so long now that it can hardly be considered a ‘wave’, reached new and despicable lows Friday and Saturday.

First a gasoline station on Walkers Road was robbed early Friday morning by a gunman toting a submachine gun.

Things just got worse early Saturday morning when, for no apparent reason, a police car in a convoy was shot at several times and a special constable grazed with a bullet.

The amount of gun crime is having a serious effect on people. According to the incomplete results of the current online poll, more than 85 per cent of the respondents say crime has affected their lives either somewhat or tremendously.

People are afraid to go out late at night these days, and with good reason. Businesses are suffering, compounding an already bad economic situation.

It’s past time for the police, the government and the judiciary to get seriously tough on these thugs who commit crimes with guns.

It’s time for people to stop protecting criminals, just because they know them. Yes, they are someone’s sons, but make no mistake: these are not good boys who deserve to be protected. They are the scourge of society and they are ruining this country.

If residents are going to step up and do their part, the police, the prosecuters, the judiciary and legislators must do their part, too, in arresting, prosecuting convicting and incarcerating people who posses guns, import guns or use them in the commission of a crime.

It’s also time to stop mollycoddling criminals in Club Northward. Although we are a civilised country and we must treat even criminals humanely, their punishment should match their crime, and they should be treated like the hardened criminals they are.

It’s time to get take the streets back from armed thugs before we end up like so many other places in the Caribbean basin. Our whole way of life as we know it is resting in the balance.

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