New Horizons shine

The U15 Interscholastic Football league came to a thrilling close last week.

New Horizons High would earn the 2009 title after defeating St. Ignatius 2-1 in the final.

Waldemer Jackson and Georgie Duarte-Haylock were the goal scorers for New Horizons.

The side was coached by New Horizons teacher Ruel Haughton with plenty of support from Janet Harris.

Some 30 onlookers manned the sidelines of the Annex field to take in the evening game.

Among them were George Hicks campus physical education teachers Cyril Gairy and Gillie Seymour.

All the scoring would take place in the first half of the match with the second half being a tight and tense affair.

Both New Horizons and St. Ignatius made the finals after a short season that started back in October. The league consisted of four schools and saw games played Mondays and Wednesdays.

A more extensive report of the final will follow in coming editions.