Seven Mile kids find life’s a beach

Youth football surges on in Cayman and the U13 age group continue to have much to play for.

In fact the recent game between Seven Mile Sports Club and Bodden Town showed plenty of tense action and a great start to another exciting U13 football season.

After many delays in starting the league the first game finally went off between two vastly different sides. Bodden Town, lead by coach Albert, is a strong club that needs to be respected.

Seven Mile meanwhile remains ‘the new kids on the block’ having only been around for one season. Yet that newness would not lead to ineffectiveness on the field.

Seven Mile struck first and quickly built up a 2-0 lead with goals from Daniel Smith and Cameron Streete. However Bodden Town came back with a goal and were awarded a crucial penalty with only seconds to go in the first half.

Bodden Town would strike the penalty well and go into half time on even ground with Seven Mile at 2-2.

At the beginning of the second half Seven Mile found it difficult to find the confidence to move the ball up the field. It seemed Bodden Town had the momentum.

In spite of the best efforts of Cline Glidden and Aaron Hersant in working diligently to push up Bodden Town capitalized on a counter-attack and took a quick 3-2 lead.

The Seven Mile boys responded by stepping their game up a notch and tying the score. The match soon moved at a frantic pace offering end-to-end action.

Eventually Cameron Streete gave Seven Mile the lead with a few minutes to go. Sensing defeat Bodden Town threw themselves on the offense. Yet Seven Mile’s defense stood strong and held off the attack.

The side saw great efforts in the last seconds from goalie Matt Guitard and defenders Jagger Hope, Ryan Burke and Matthew Belafonte. All were clearing balls off the line and protected their goal well.

When the final whistle blew Seven Mile coaches Floyd Streete, Alban Ruiz and Richard Rich could not have been happier with their first game win.

The Seven Mile youngsters walked off the pitch in victory as the final score would read Seven Mile 4, Bodden Town 3.