Second East End bust up

Another late night disturbance in East End was reported over this past weekend, forcing a second police call out to the area in as many weeks.

There were reports that shots were fired early Saturday in the vicinity of Pirates Cove on Sea View Road, but police said no evidence of gunfire was found.

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers were called to the area around 1.30am Saturday causing a crowd gathered near Pirates Cove to disperse immediately. No one was hurt in the incident and no arrests were made.

‘As a result of the reported disturbance…RCIPS mounted a high visibility operation in the area between Saturday night and Sunday morning,’ RCIPS Chief Inspector Martin Bodden, Jr. said. ‘This operation involved dozens of officers on patrol and carrying out road blocks.’

‘There were no further reports of disturbances in the area.’

Early Saturday morning, 28 November, a disturbance involving some 40 people was reported in the vicinity of Pirates Bar in East End.

Police said those involved in the November fight may have been carrying knives or other weapons and that several people were hurt in the incident. However, officers also stated that all individuals refused hospital treatment and declined to speak to police about what happened.

One of those injured in the earlier bust up was reportedly stabbed.

‘To those who may be considering taking part in this type of behaviour in the East End – we will use all the resources available to us to disrupt your plans,’ Mr. Bodden said.