Six bids for scrap metal removal

Six companies have submitted applications to remove scrap metal from Mount Trashmore.

scrap metal

This picture of Mount Trashmore was taken by a cruise ship passenger arriving in Cayman. Photo: File

The deadline for the submission of tenders to the Central Tenders Committee to remove an estimated 6,000 tons of scrap was last Friday.

Director of Environmental Health, Roydell Carter, said there had been both local and overseas applications.

‘The DEH will now complete an evaluation process and give recommendations,’ said Lee Ramoon, a member of the Central Tenders Committee.

This was the third time applicants had been invited to bid on the removal of scrap metal from George Town landfill since a contract with the joint Canadian-Caymanian company Matrix International was cancelled in September 2007.

The previous two tender bids failed to attract applications from qualified companies or individuals.

This most recent tender allows for the outright sale of scrap metals already baled and stored at the landfill.

According to the Ministry of Works, the winning would be based on the highest price offered per ton of scrap metal, payments for sale of metals prior to shipment, and a reasonable time to complete the removal and shipment of the baled scrap metals off-island.

Matrix agreed to pay the Cayman Islands government $1.25 million for the scrap metal it removed. It ultimately paid only $310,000 to the government.

The Matrix contract was subject to an investigation by the Auditor General.

In this year’s budget, the government said it would pay $400,000 to pay sub-contractors who claim they are still owed money by Matrix.