National Trust hangs tough

Thank you for your December 9th coverage of the difficulties currently being addressed by the National Trust.

Times are indeed hard, but the Trust is doing everything it can to overcome the challenges. This includes making some very tough choices to reduce overheads wherever possible, including having to let staff go.

Your reporter extensively quoted our president’s comments from his Annual Address, but it’s important to note that the many obstacles he mentioned have been overcome, thanks to valiant efforts by our staff, volunteers, and council members.

Indeed, the Trust has made great strides in the last year, albeit much of it behind the scenes. And yet much more remains to be done. To this end, the National Trust is holding a Strategic Planning Retreat this Saturday to plan for our future beyond the current economic downturn. Crises sometime present opportunities, and the Trust is taking this opportunity to examine who we are, what we do, and where we’re going.

We here at the National Trust very much depend on public support for the critical work that we do. May I take this opportunity to thank the many donors and volunteers who have helped us over the 22 years of the Trust’s existence. Equally, our team would welcome, and deeply appreciate, any ideas, advice and material help that the kind public might provide.

We’re confident that the National Trust for the Cayman Islands has a great future and thank in advance the Caymanian Compass for coverage of the many successes we anticipate in the coming years.

Frank Balderamos

National Trust general manager