Tempura attorney disbarred

Martin Polaine, the UK attorney who advised Operation Tempura officers on the arrest of Justice Alexander Henderson last year, was disbarred after a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday.

The hearing was conducted by a five-person tribunal of the UK Bar Standards Board. Mr. Polaine admitted all charges against him. The decision is open to appeal.

The board decision described Mr. Polaine as a barrister who was called to the Bar in 1988. Being disbarred means being expelled from the practice of law.

Earlier this year Mr. Polaine sent a letter to Justice Henderson apologising unreservedly for the role he played in Operation Tempura, which led to the judge’s arrest and search of his home and office in September 2008 (Caymanian Compass, 30 August).

After a judicial review, Sir Peter Cresswell determined that the search warrants were not valid. The Crown later agreed the arrest was unlawful. Attorneys for Justice Henderson settled for $1.275 million in damages.

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