Bush deserves props for his insight

Bernie Bush has been completely vindicated. When he started the national girls’ Under-17 programme three years ago, he got a lot of opposition and criticism.


His critics felt there was little point in allocating invaluable money and resources to a bunch of teenagers, albeit very talented ones. Many were pre-teens and his critics were really opposed to developing girls national football.

But Bush persisted and that faith has been rewarded with their progress to the next round of the World Cup qualifiers in Costa Rica. History has been made and Bush deserves full credit.

An emotional Bush said: ‘Yes I started the girls’ programme and if it wasn’t for some coaches and other people for their stupidity, we would be even better.

‘There are players not on the team who should be here. Hats off to Bobby, Thiago and the coaching staff. They’ve done a good job and I must say that I think this is the most that the Cayman Islands Football Association has spent on a women’s programme but it is still nothing compared to the men’s programme.

‘And it’s a shame. This has to get a lot more backing. Two years ago Mark Scotland (now the Minister of Sport) said to me: ‘Bernie, I agree with you, this programme more than any is likely to put us on the map.’

‘It is time now to put more money into this programme. The girls need more competition. Simple.’