Pizza delivery man targeted

A driver from a local pizza company was the victim of an attempted robbery Thursday night as he tried to make a delivery to a home in Shirley Towbis Lane, Bodden Town.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said the pizza man was unable to find the address and asked two men, standing nearby, for directions.

The men directed the driver to a house in the lane. When he got there he was informed by the resident that no one in the house had placed an order.

Police said as the delivery man was travelling back out of the lane the same two men stepped out in front of the car. One of them produced a knife and demanded cash.

The delivery driver immediately drove off and reported the matter to police. He was not injured and no money was taken.

One of the suspects had his face covered with a black bandana that had a floral design.

‘Fortunately the delivery driver was able to evade the would-be robbers and drive off without handing over any cash,’ RCIPS Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said. ‘However, we need the help of the public to find out who these men are.’