Police search outside nightclub

An unspecified ‘disturbance’ outside a Grand Cayman nightclub led to a lengthy police search in the area Friday morning.

According to Royal Cayman Islands Police officers, the disturbance was reported outside LI nightclub just off West Bay Road around 12.40am Friday.

Those at the club around closing time (LI closes at 1am Fridays) said police were there making a spot search following reports that ‘known trouble-makers’ were outside the club.

Witnesses said one of the men ran and tossed what appeared to be a firearm into an area near a dumpster.

Police did not confirm any of the reports and did not state whether a weapon had been recovered – although those at the club indicated a gun had been found.

Four men were arrested by RCIPS and remained in custody Friday, but officers did not state why the suspects were detained or what led to the fight outside the club.

No one was hurt, police said. It was not clear if any weapons were involved.

Officers were searching the area outside the club for hours Friday.