Kids teed up to drive for glory

The Yellow Pages Junior Golf Club got underway at the North Sound Club on Saturday and the organisers were pleased with the response.

Organiser Sean Landreth said: ‘We look forward to creating a partnership with the golf community contributing to the creation of a robust of junior golf programme in the Cayman Islands.

‘Our goal is to facilitate the introduction of golf to every four to seven year old on the island. By doing so, we feel that we can increase the potential of developing world class golfers that can act as ambassadors of the Cayman Islands through their sport.’

Yellow Pages Junior Golf Club’s first camp was sold out within 36 hours and its second camp which begins on 23 January for five weeks is already almost full.

Each camp is comprised of five sessions on Saturdays from 4-6pm. The camps are restricted to 15 juniors to allow for optimal student to coach ratio.

North Sound Golf Club’s wonderful golf range is where each session takes place. Juniors have been supported with golf clubs donated from the community, which limits the need for them to have their own equipment.

Local golfer Brent ‘Whopper’ Weimer is cutting down and re-gripping eight three woods and drivers for the children this week. Vitamin Water and Nestle have also stepped up as corporate sponsors.

Kevin Mumford, along with his assistant Mike Touchette, who are both Class ‘A’ professionals from the Canadian Professional Golfers Association bring a vast knowledge of golf instruction to the children.

Both have competed at college and professional level. They have been the benefactors of strong junior golf programmes in Canada.

Along with Landreth they have a passion to improve junior golf standards in Cayman.

‘There are more Johnny and Samantha Widmers in the Cayman Islands, but if we don’t make the sport accessible to all children on island we simply will not know,’ Landreth said.

Each camp is geared towards both safety and fun. Sessions are comprised of enjoyable competition with fairplay and etiquette being stressed at all times.

On course instruction and proper conduct are also worked into each session.

Kids who show discipline, promise and sportsmanship will be chosen to move on to North Sound Golf Club’s already strong junior programme.