Chopper rides highlights fun day

It was the ultimate Christmas gift for over 100 children celebrating a family fun day on Monday.

Youngsters enjoy a helicopter ride

Youngsters enjoy a helicopter ride.
Photo: Jewel Levy

A group of Belford children was given a ride in a helicopter that pitched right on their street.

It was a day to remember for parents and children, as well as passing motorist, to see the helicopter pilot skilfully perform landing manoeuvres and ecstatic children hopping aboard for a five-minute ride.

The attraction was part of a family fun day hosted by the Belford Emergency Response Team for children in the community.

The fun day, initiated in 2008 by the team allows children of all ages to enjoy a day of community fellowship on the streets.

The day boasted many other attractions such as rides in a police car, a dunking drum, rides in a fire truck as well as jerk chicken, hot soups, hot dogs, hamburgers, cakes and cold drinks.

But nothing was quite as thrilling as the adventure tour over Bodden Town Police Station and Belford Estates with Cayman Islands Helicopter.

Response Team Liaison Officer Millen Webster said the fun day was huge success. ‘We had over 250 people attending the function enjoying the many attractions provided.’

Because of the great response, Ms Webster said the team looks forward to hosting the event again next year. The main concern is getting sponsors to assist with the venture, which gives so many children a happy time during Christmas.