Radar speed monitor mashed up

More than $1,000 worth of damage was caused to a police speed trailer over the holiday weekend.

Sometime between Thursday, 31 December and Monday 4 January, 2010 rocks were thrown through the screen of a police speed trailer parked on South Sound Road close to South Sound dock, causing substantial damage.

The trailer has a large screen which flashes the speed of each vehicle travelling on a specific stretch of road. The device also displays the speed limit on the road.

Royal Cayman Islands Police first received these devices in 2007 and have used them mainly as an educational tool to remind drivers to watch their speed.

The devices do not issue tickets or take photos of licence plates or drivers.

‘It looks like the fact that the trailer highlights when people are breaking the law has really upset someone,’ RCIPS Inspector Adrian Barnett said. ‘It could be it’s a disgruntled motorist who has taken it badly that the machine has broadcast his or her reckless behaviour – or it could merely be someone who has smashed the trailer up just for the sake of it.’

‘The fact is that the damage will cost around $1,000 dollars to repair. But don’t worry my message to the law abiding public of Cayman is clear. The loss of this machine will not deter us from making sure that we continue to make Cayman’s roads safer and educate drivers on the need to drive at appropriate and safe speeds.’

The RCIPS traffic department has other trailers which will continue to be placed at strategic locations throughout the force.