Anglin upbeat about new sports role

Collin Anglin has been on the Cayman sports scene for many years.

He has accumulated many accolades in that time and the latest came at the start of the year.

Anglin is now the Acting Director of the Department of Youth and Sports. He takes over for Dalton Watler who shifts his focus over to sports tourism in the Department of Tourism.

The new post is essentially a promotion for Anglin who has been the assistant director for a number of years.

It is not clear at present who takes over Anglin’s spot as assistant director and when exactly Anglin will have the word ‘acting’ dropped from his title.

Nevertheless Anglin, 30, states little about the job has changed aside from the new title.

‘It feels pretty good (having the new post). I’m not up in arms until everything is finalised. So far the workload is pretty much the same though I’m doing Dalton’s work and mine.

‘Nothing new is really hitting me. To me it’s a great responsibility that I’m taking pride in receiving.’

Anglin’s robust resume speaks to the validity of his promotion. He has been with the department for seven years since Fall 2002. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and is an active member of the local sports scene, most notably in basketball.

For the record Anglin and his department are a small clog in the government wheel. Essentially the department puts into place whatever the Minister of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture (who is presently Mark Scotland) and his ministry dictates as policy.

Anglin further explained the relationship between the two entities.

‘Realistically my job is to execute the plan of the Ministry. We have a certain amount of input but ultimately the department’s responsibility is to execute Ministry policy.

‘There are already set systems in place and there is already a certain type of foundation now. My challenge is to find how best to tweak those things.’

Anglin has already hit the ground running in his new post instituting a district sports initiative. The first phase of the program was a five-a-side football league in East End and the second is a volleyball league in both West Bay and East End (which goes in motion this month).

Eventually the plan is to reach out to the other districts on Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands.

As Anglin states his mission is simply to serve his country well in sports.

‘I’ve been a leader for a long time in sports and otherwise. I like to lead and I love what I’m doing. I like to see results and have things happen.

‘I put myself into the job 100 percent as everything I do is a service to my community.

‘Right now I count my blessings and I thank God for His blessings. Whatever else happens from here I leave it in God’s hands.’