Body found on gay cruise ship

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Police on Thursday were
investigating on board the gay cruise ship Liberty of the Seas after a man was found
dead in a cabin on the liner.

The discovery of the 37-year-old
man’s body was reported at 12.47pm. He was believed to be a passenger on board
the Liberty.

Two police boats were seen leaving
the dock at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal in George Town Thursday afternoon, headed for
the cruise ship.

Police crews included members of
the scenes of crime unit of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, who assist
police in processing evidence.

Investigators did not comment as to
what might have led to the man’s death.

It was likely the Liberty, which had a scheduled departure time
of 5pm Thursday would have to stay in port until officers finished their

The Caymanian Compass spoke with
more than a dozen passengers Thursday afternoon who had gotten off cruise
tender boats at the Royal Watler terminal. Not one had been told about the body
being on board.

One man said he saw a police boat
pull up to the cruise ship, but he assumed it was just a random security check
at the time.

The Liberty’s arrival in port this year in Cayman
was greeted with the typical, although somewhat subdued, level of controversy.
The cruise caters mainly to those of the homosexual persuasion.

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Cruise ship passengers disembark Thursday afternoon apparently unaware that police were investigating a grim scene on board Liberty of the Seas in George Town harbour.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. The title of this article angers me so much!
    Does it really matter if a body was found on a gay cruise?
    The more appropriate title would be “Body found on cruise ship”
    If it happened on any other cruise, would the article be called “Body found on straight cruise”?
    This is horrible. It disgusts me. This is the type of article title I’d expect from other media, not CayCompass. Grow up, stop stereotyping.

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