Bad drivers foul up ball field


A two-car accident that sent one
vehicle sliding into an electrical meter and circuit box Friday night forced
the cancellation of several softball games at George Town’s Field of Dreams, and
was threatening to postpone Little League practice sessions there as well.

Cayman Islands Little League
President Jim Parham said adult co-ed softball league night games for Sunday
and Monday had to be cancelled, but he said it was expected that an emergency
generator would at least temporarily resolve power issues for Tuesday night’s

A power outage from the Friday
evening car crash knocked out power in the entire Field of Dreams complex,
including the field lights.

“Anything that has to do with lights
cannot be played at this time,” Mr. Parham said Monday.

Additional night games scheduled
for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were tentatively set, assuming the
generator was successfully installed. 

A charity kickball tournament at
the field on Saturday was held during the day, although the power outage
knocked out the ice machine and the cooking facilities in the clubhouse.

“We finished just before sunset,”
said Patrick Bourque, one of the tournament organisers. Typically, kickball
tournament games have gone on into the evening hours.

In addition to the field lights,
the accident cut electrical power to the clubhouse area, the Little League
office, and to the home of the live-in groundskeeper on the property, which is
just off Fairbanks Drive
near the University College of the Cayman Islands

Royal Cayman Islands Police said
the crash was reported just before 8pm Friday. Officers said two cars collided
causing one to veer off the road and into the transformer.

The accident occurred on the narrow
road that leads to the back car park at the facility.

“They went through three sections
of fence knocked over a palm tree and went into the transformer,” said Daryn
Lansdell, facilities and programmes director for the Little League. “There were
tire skid marks for 40 feet leading up to the transformer.”

One of the four young females who
were in the car that struck the transformer was hospitalised Friday with minor
injuries. No one had been arrested in connection with the crash, which some witnesses
at the scene Friday night said appeared to have resulted from racing. Police
didn’t confirm those claims.

The field’s management had also
hired an electrician to repair damages to the circuit box and electrical meter.

The estimated cost for the generator
was $500 per day.

Once the repairs are made by the
electrician, a government inspector from the Planning Department will have to
check the work as will representatives from the Caribbean Utilities Company.

“The problem is that you don’t want
to power back up when there isn’t enough electricity (flowing through the
circuits),” Mr. Parham said. “That’s when the wires start to burn out and
actually can cause more damage.”

The Field of Dreams is owned by the
Cayman Islands Little League Association, a non-profit organisation which
oversees the maintenance and development of the property. It was unclear Monday
whether the non-profit group would have to foot the bill for any electrical
repairs, or if the responsible driver’s insurance would have to pay for it.

Mr. Parham said he expected that
the transformer would not be fully repaired until Thursday at the earliest.

“That’s if everything falls into
place and we don’t have any insurance issues,” he said.


Kickball teams compete in a charity event Saturday at the Field of Dreams. Luckily, the competition wrapped up just before sunset.
Matthew Yates


  1. From what I can read there is damage to property and reckless driving just to start with. Somebody was injured and hospitalised…..yet no arrests? Why? The police obviously know who committed the crime so what’s the story?

  2. This is not journalism, this is tabloid writing. I feel the writer should have done a PROPER investigation into the accident instead of reporting incorrect facts as well as not presenting all sides to the story. The use of an inflammatory title is a ploy used by tabloids to garner an emotive response from the audience with little regard to the involved parties and it is a shame to see it used in a newspaper that should be obliged to present the facts-all of them. Not just the ones that would garner an emotive response. The accident was in fact just that: an accident and the reporter should have refrained from using his chosen title. The whole story is not known and it is a shame to see our newspaper resort to such tactics to sell papers.

  3. The fact is that someone hit the power box. Why would you be driving in the middle of the night around the softball field anyway?

    The person responsible should pay for all associated damages since it’s NOT a road, it’s a field with a parking lot.

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