Many questions to be answered

Greetings on all points of the

When one cannot obtain a response
from the ministry responsible for seamen’s benefits or the legal department,
there is little choice but to seek answers via a public forum.

My question is, how long an
individual is allowed to be away from the Islands before he is deemed to be a

If a seaman went to sea for two
years – as a lot did – is he no longer a resident?

Should he now wish to travel to
various countries seeking knowledge or entertainment – how long is he allowed
be away before he is a non-resident and his pension benefits withheld? How
about going abroad to study for the ministry or some other subject or to seek
medical aid or help for an addiction problem? If one does not know he cannot
travel is he told that? Ignorance of the law is no excuse or is he given time
once informed, to return home?

Should one be in a foreign country
past the time given by Immigration with no home or property, bank account or
even a steady girlfriend – is he a resident of that country?

I would return home if I had the
money. So if any of my friends or family or Government wishes to make a
donation they can to my account at Cayman National Bank.

There are a lot more subjects that
need to be mentioned in the press. Maybe that is why certain individuals do not
wish me to return.

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