Cost to repair ball field: $32,000

cost to repair the damaged electrical system at Grand
Cayman’s Field of Dreams complex has been estimated at $32,000 by
the contractor performing the work.

power was lost for a few days at the George
Town ball field after a 29 January car accident.

Cayman Islands Police reported that a vehicle careened into an electrical meter
and circuit box following a two car collision just before 8pm that evening.

Robert Duty of Electrical Enterprises 2000 Ltd. said wires that run from the
circuit box to the main electrical room at the ball field had to be replaced
due to the wreck.

300 feet of wire and those wires are damaged to the point where they are
unsatisfactory to building control requirements,” Mr. Duty said. “The
biggest cost of the thing is purchasing the wires.”

non-profit organisation that runs the ball field had to cancel adult softball
games scheduled in the early part of last week because the field’s night lights
weren’t working.

huge generator was brought in to operate the lights throughout the rest of last
week so games could continue. According to Cayman Islands Little League officials,
the generator costs $500 a day to operate.

President Jim Parham said last week that he didn’t have a full estimate on the
cost of repairs from the accident, but it was anticipated that the responsible
driver’s insurance company¬†would foot the bill.

did not state what led to the wreck and had not made any arrests in connection
with the incident. One person in the car that struck the circuit box suffered
minor injuries and was treated at hospital.

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