Rundown running on

Rundown will definitely take place
this year in Cayman.

The irreverent satirical show was
somewhat in doubt after the departure of main writer David Martins, who now
lives in Guyana.

But director Henry Muttoo, of the
Cayman National Cultural Foundation, told the Caymanian Compass that the
long-established comedy revue will definitely take place later this year.

“Dave has now left the island for
good so I will most likely be pulling it together. It will happen but it’s just
a matter of giving us a bit of time.

“The show has built up a reputation
so we don’t want to just rush it and do something that is really not up to
standard. It will take place later this year, probably after September. During
the summer people are away and also it’s hurricane season. We also had a few
delays with rehearsals when it was held in September due to rain,” said Mr. Muttoo

Current affairs

The show has gently poked fun at
local figures and news events since 1992, becoming a popular and down-to-earth
sideways look at current affairs and the personalities of the island.

The writing of such a show is a
time-consuming and taxing process, said Mr. Muttoo, who explained that this
year the show would be designed in a more collaborative way with cast members.

“It’s reached a bump in the road
with David leaving. We will be pulling together some old classic pieces and
contemporising them, using them as the basic structure then we will add new
material as and when it becomes available.

I’ll bring the cast in and discuss
it with them so it’ll go from there and be a little more of a collective work
this time,” he noted.


Inevitably with any production that
is based on living people and news events, the risk is that individuals might
take umbrage at their caricaturing.

“To write a show you have to really
sit down and put all your thought into things that are happening in Cayman but
to find a way that you don’t want to offend people too much!

“The society is so small that you
will see the same people in the supermarket the next day – it’s not like you
won’t see them again! We try to be responsible and make fun of them but there’s
some who can’t take it – so we avoid those people,” he said, laughing.


A scene from a past Rundown.

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