Police will take no prisoners in quest to lock up league

The Police cricket team is always a
formidable one and this season will be no different and they’ll lock up plenty
of wins.

Former captain Pearson Best is
still one of the island’s top batsmen. Police have always had an arresting

That’s why businessman Stuart
Bostock became their main sponsor this season.

“As a former member of the
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service it is a great pleasure to support the
members of the RCIP by sponsoring the Police Cricket Club,” said Bostock,
president and CEO of The Security Centre.

“The Security Centre were part sponsors
of a cricket tour to Barbados last summer, so when my long-term friend and past
colleague Inspector Best told me of the opportunity for a more permanent
sponsorship relationship I thought it would be a great way to show our appreciation
of the RCIPS.

“The RCIPS play a vital role in our
community and they have been under increased pressure over recent years.

“Their support is particularly
critical to the security industry and they provide unquestioning support to the
many security officers employed across the Island.

“Sponsorship of Police Cricket Club
is a small way in which we can show our appreciation to the men and women who
work so tirelessly within the RCIP and it is my intention to continue this
support in other areas.”

Best said: “We’re pleased to have
The Security Centre sponsoring us. As part of the law enforcement family it’s a
pleasure to be in partnership with The Security Centre in our drive to improve
cricket in the Cayman Islands.

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