Fundraising supremo steps down

of the Cayman Islands Cystic Fibrosis Trust Pamela Fowler is stepping down from
her formal role as the organisation’s fundraising and event manager.

with fellow trustees Jon Fowler, Christina Kirkaldy and Tiffany Palloni, Mrs.
Fowler set up the charity six years ago. The Trust’s remit is to fundraise to help
those living with CF locally with medical assistance, if it cannot be provided
for by other means, and to aid ongoing global research into a cure.

former Maples lawyer and mother of three made a brief announcement of her
resignation at the charity’s annual ball, last Saturday. The trust’s annual
fundraiser raised $45,000, she later confirmed.

an interview with the Caymanian Compass, Mrs. Fowler, who has a daughter with
CF said: “The success of the Trust since its inception has meant that running
the fundraising activities of the trust has become almost a full-time job. Over
the past five years I have juggled my work with the Trust with family life.

work has been interesting and incredibly rewarding. I have met so many generous
people who have helped the trust along the way in so many different capacities.
This has been so encouraging.”

said that it had recently become apparent to her that the quality of the time
she spent with her family had been compromised by the amount of time she was
spending on trust activities.

have thought about and prayed about the situation for nearly a year as I was so
reluctant to stop my work for the trust. However, I have increasingly come to
the conclusion that it is time to take a break from fundraising for a while and
devote additional time to my family,” she said.

on behalf of her fellow trustees, Mrs. Kirkaldy said: “Pam has been the driving
force at the trust for many years and her dedication has been invaluable. We
look forward to her continued support in an unofficial capacity in raising awareness
and support for the cause.”

trustees confirmed that the charity had raised over a quarter of a million
dollars to date and that it would continue with its fundraising work, albeit in
a less public capacity.

Trust as an entity will remain ‘live’ so that people can still make donations
if they want to. The trustees will be meeting on an ongoing basis to discuss
continued disbursement of accumulated funds,” Mrs. Fowler added.

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