Youngsters storm King’s court this Saturday

After a near three month hiatus, the
WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League springs back into action this Saturday at
King’s Sports Centre. 

The first series of nine regular
season games takes place from 8am-4:30pm.  The full league schedule can be
found online.

Sparking another four brilliant
months of spring sports, the Youth Roller Hockey programme will be the first
formal King’s league to begin in 2010. 

The King’s Sports Centre programmes
are coming off a fantastic Fall finish.  On December 5 Cayman and the
world saw the youth hockey league play their medal games live via

The new live-stream initiative, in
association with sister company Cayman Sports Authority, broadcasted the
crowning of four divisional champions: Five-Continent Leafs (Peewee division),
LOM Capitals (Atom), dms Bruins (Novice), and Dart Ducks (Mites). 

Both the Leafs and Capitals enjoyed
the pleasures of being overall 2009 champions, winning their respective divisions
as well. This spring they will be looking to claim three-peat status alongside
the Senators, the only team to reach the feat.

Rookie Coach Jason Windsor of the
Mites’ Maples Stars is looking forward to the season.

“I’m surprised that most of
the kids are already good hockey players.  These kids were very
creative and challenging leaders: They did tight turns, planned falls, planned crashes
into the boards, skated with one hand on the stick and skated holding two hands
on the stick ready to receive passes.  The kids wore me out with their
hard to follow moves.  It’s going to be fun to see how the kids progress
for the rest of the season.”

Athletic Director, Ray Singh talked
about what 2010 has in store.

“We’re hoping to make 2010 a great
year for our diverse sporting community.  Coming out of February, we have
already opened a four-lane bowling alley, completed the year’s first
learn-to-skate programme and this past weekend we held the second annual Cayman
World Cup of Football tournament.

“We have set the platform for a
phenomenal year of sports and now we are looking to dedicate our resources
towards further developing the WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League.  Our
spring goals have the potential to be a lot of fun for all of our players and

For more information e-mail Ray Singh at [email protected] 

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