Rotary Sunrise improves literacy

Rotary Sunrise has purchased and is
providing training in the Auto Skills Reading software.

The software, which is geared
toward reading and math, is designed to raise a child’s literacy or math
proficiency by two grade levels in only 25 hours of training.

For over 15 years, these
research-based programmes have helped at-risk students.

Comprised of a variety of vibrant
graphical, literary and math exercises, the software allows the children to
have fun and immerse themselves into the software while learning. If the child
is unable to read the instructions or understand the meaning of a word, an oral
description can assist them.

The software builds confidence and
enthusiasm for participants and keeps them engaged, while providing immediate,
measurable results, according to a Rotary Sunrise release.

The Cayman Islands Literacy
Strategy was developed by the Department of Educational Services ans was introduced
to primary schools in 2008 and secondary schools from September, 2009.

All timetables now include literacy

Tier 2 in the strategy involves
Auto Skill Reading software.

Over 170 middle school students
have been identified to benefit from the Academy of Reading and as a result,
Rotary Sunrise has purchased the software and coordinated the training for

Ms Avinel Rutherford arrived in
Cayman on 14 February to train teachers and members of the Department of
Education Services.

Rotary Sunrise say they believe
there is a desperate need for programmes like this and that reading and math
are the cornerstones of learning.

 The Academy of Reading and Math is suitable
for children and adults of all ages and Rotary Sunrise has assisted both young
people and adult learners.

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