Gunfire incidents

Four separate incidents of gunfire occurred
between 8pm Thursday and 5pm Friday on Grand Cayman.

A woman was shot Friday afternoon
just after 4pm in the parking lot of Barnes’ Plaza on Mary Street.

Police said the victim was shot
outside of Barnes’ bar and was rushed to hospital. Although reports were that she had been shot in
the face, her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

According to police, the victim was
known to frequent the bar and had been at the location prior to the shooting.

A 32-year-old
man was arrested in connection with that shooting, Royal Cayman Islands Police
confirmed Saturday. 

Two men were also hurt in separate
shootings in West Bay Thursday night and police said shots were fired on Templeton
Street in George Town around 2am Friday. Although no one was hurt in that gunfire,
several cars were said to have been damaged.

The two shootings in West Bay were
apparently gang related.

Shortly after 8pm Thursday police
said a man was on Miss Daisy Lane when he was shot in the shoulder. He was
taken to Cayman Islands
Hospital where he
remained overnight. His condition was not described as life threatening.

In the second West
Bay incident a man sustained slight
head injuries when he was shot in the Birch
Tree Hill Road area of West Bay
around 8.15 pm – about 15 minutes after the first incident. .

He was transported to hospital by a
friend and was released after treatment.


Police examine the scene of Friday morning’s shooting on Templeton Street.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. This is what it comes down to, as one politician said their are no gang in Cayman but a group of boys. Wake and smell the coffee their gang in cayman.It need to nip in in the bud quick before it get out of control and it will.

  2. This is becoming very quite worry-some. I remember back in High School, they were calling “gangs” a group of boys causing trouble. Now it’s come back to bit you in the butt.

    As long as there are no charges made, they will keep on ruling the roost.

    What are we going to do about it?

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