Improved Eclipzers shatter Unity

What a difference a year makes.
Last spring the Bodden Town Eclipzers were an also-ran in local netball.

Now the team is at the top of the
standings in division two of the Cayman Islands Netball Association national
women’s league.

Bodden Town nabbed its
fourth straight victory last Thursday to extend its unbeaten 4-0 mark.

The squad beat down team Unity
50-19 thanks to an offensive barrage orchestrated by Goal Shooter Stacy Reid,
Goal Attack Tricia Rankine and Wing Attack Alexandria Saintvil.

Reid shot the ball well and flashed
the sort of footwork that made her a key scorer. Rankine was integral in
keeping ball possession for Bodden
Town. Saintvil was her
usually strong self, making great passes and hustling for loose balls.

Their efforts would see Bodden Town
enjoy advantages of 13-5 and 8-4 in the first half. Centre Kristin Williams
spurred the team on in the second half as the club had 16-6 and 13-4 scores in
the second half.

Interestingly all of that scoring
for Bodden Town came without the services of
offensive juggernaut Nekita Saintvil.

For Unity the scoring was too much
too soon. Goal Keeper Marcia Smith did her best to challenge shots and put a
hand in the face of shooters. But eventually she got tired.

Goal Defense Zanya Smith and Wing
Defense Shelly-Ann Williams also gave commendable effort trying to move
attackers out of position.

On the other end of the court the
Eclipzers were disciplined and active on defense, intercepting errant passes
and keeping Unity from getting in rhythm.

Responsible for that fortitude was WD
Keri Bennett, GD Marcia Robinson and GK Crishan Maye. All of those ladies made
scoring for Unity a nightmare of a task.

Needless to say GS Stacy-Ann Hayman,
GA Keri Scarlett, WA Mellisa Morris and centre Elaine Bloomfield had a long,
rough night.

At least Unity had fresher legs
with a full bench of subs including Natalie Shaw, Judith Adams, Ilene Wilson
and Annlee Godfrey.

Bodden Town goes into
action again next Saturday against the Cayman National Bank All Stars.

After facing the Eclipzers Unity
took on the All Stars last Saturday and they are hoping their first win of the
year comes on Thursday March 18 against Rising Stars Money Gram at 6pm.