Stranger threatens woman with gun

woman was threatened with a gun early Monday morning as she waited for a public
bus in George Town,
Royal Cayman Islands Police said.

6.15am Monday, police said the woman was waiting close to Reflections on
Eastern Avenue when a small red car stopped and the driver offered her a ride.

woman thought the driver was a friend and got into the front passenger seat.
However, as soon as she got into the car she realised that she didn’t know the
driver but decided to continue with the ride, police said.

the car turned into Marina Drive
the woman realised that the driver was taking her off the agreed route and she
cried for him to stop the car, police said. At that point, officers said the
driver threatened the woman with what appeared to be a firearm.

woman opened the door and jumped from the moving vehicle, scraping her knees
and elbows. Police said the car sped off down Marina Drive.

shots were fired in the incident.

car is described as a small red vehicle. The driver was described as 5’2” –
5’5” in height, stocky with a light brown complexion, short black cut hair, and

Constable Colin Pryce of George Town Criminal Investigation Department is
asking for anyone who may have any information about this crime to come

lady was very lucky to escape with such minor injuries,” Mr. Pryce said. “The
consequences of this could have been so much worse. I would urge people not to
accept rides from strangers, don’t get into cars with people you don’t know, particularly
if you’re a lone female.”