Triple C students help

Over the years, the students at Triple
C School have raised funds for children in Uganda and the Philippines, seeing-eye
dogs and hurricane victims.

This year they continued in their
spirit of giving by raising funds for the Nadine Andreas Foster Home and the
Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

 “We are grateful for this generous donation
from the students at Triple C School and are proud to see the students in the Cayman
Islands reaching out to help someone else who is in need,” said Secretary of
the National Council of Voluntary Organisations Janice Wilson.

When the Philippines was hit with a
major hurricane this season, students raised money for relief there as well. Funds
were also given to visiting missionaries from Nicaragua, China, and Jamaica.

 “The flooding in the Philippines, a global
recession, an ongoing swine flu pandemic, a devastating earthquake in Haiti and
the list goes on and on. There are so many overwhelming needs all around us,”
said the school’s Spiritual Life Director Kelly Archuleta.

“In fact, the needs are so great
that we might be inclined to respond fearfully, apathetically, even
self-sufficiently. By the grace of God, no, we will respond with love and compassion
and these students will grow up to be sensitive to others to the point of
giving and serving those in need.”