Ganja found at Cayman Prep

Royal Cayman Islands Police
officers were called to Cayman
Prep High
School Thursday morning after a staffer there reported
smelling ganja inside the campus building.

Police responded to the call just
after 8.30am Thursday with K-9 units to search the area.

A police spokesperson said a small
quantity of ganja was recovered inside the school.

No arrests were reported.

Cayman Prep officials released the
following statement:

High school management came across evidence that an illegal drug had
been consumed on the school premises. The police were notified and invited to
search the school with sniffer dogs. A small quantity of an illegal substance
was subsequently found in one of the bathrooms, after which the police search
was discontinued. 

“Cayman Prep
and High School will continue to pursue its zero tolerance policy with regard
to illegal substances and are grateful to RCIP for their assistance.”


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