Homicide investigation in West Bay

A Jamaican man was gunned down in the yard of a West Bay home Wednesday afternoon in an apparent retaliatory shooting. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines said the gunfire was heard just before 3.30pm off Willie Farrington Drive, south of Batabano Plaza. 

Witnesses reported hearing six to seven shots, followed by a man vaulting a fence on the property and running off toward the shopping centre.

Police did not immediately confirm the victim’s name, but friends and family said they believed the dead man to be 25-year-old Alrick Peddie.

Residents said the area where the shooting occurred was a known neighbourhood hangout and that young men were often seen in the yard during the day.

The victim’s body was still on the scene when police detectives arrived, and Commissioner Baines said it was clear there had been no chance of saving the man. 

As is standard protocol, the body was later transported to the Cayman Islands hospital where the victim was formally pronounced dead.

West Bay was flooded with police immediately after the shooting occurred. A convoy of five police cars had blocked West Bay Road, checking vehicles that were leaving the area and heading toward George Town. 

Willie Farrington Drive at West Bay Road was also blocked by officers, who were forced to stop a distraught woman from barging through police barriers just before 4pm Wednesday. 

The woman could be heard shouting at officers that she wanted to see her husband.

A local store owner at Batabano Plaza said she knew the victim only by his street name “Bling” and said the man had come to the store several times before with his baby in tow. 


Police examine the scene where a man was found shot to death in West Bay Wednesday afternoon.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. When are the police going to install security cameras on the street corners in West Bay??…and why don’t they urge businesses to do the same??! Maybe then they can nab someone in all these shootings…after shooting….after shooting. Walking the streets and checking cars doesn’t seem to be making much of a change.

  2. Hello Cayman is there anyone who can assume the authority to run down these hoodlums.It appears that those who can do anything are not seeing what I am seeing and I have only been off Island for a month. It is hard for me to believe that you Mr. Bush and your group from West Bay do not know who is causing all this trouble,it is your turf or have you let it slip into the hands of a more powerful group of crooks.My family has been coming to Grand Cayman for 60 yes 60 years, and in all that time I have never been so concerned( yes I lived through the Doucet years etc.)this recent(over the last3 years )wave of crime has not been a priority for the former government or the present one and if not dealt with as an URGENT PRIORITY NOW !!! Cayman could very easily fall into the same catigory as Jamaca or worse Mexco.Cayman is such a small place it is hard for me to think that with all the good Camanians all over the island that no one knows who the Bad Guys are.Short of introducing marshall law you better do some radical enforcement or Cayman will suffer times
    as bad as you have ever seen and that reputation you have enjoyed for so many years will NEVER!!!!!!! be the same again.Please do not let this happen!!!

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