Security guard shot dead

Cayman’s 4th murder of 2010


A man who worked in Cayman as a
security guard was gunned down in the yard of a West Bay
home Wednesday afternoon in an apparent retaliatory shooting. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police
Commissioner David Baines said the gunfire was reported at 3.26pm Wednesday
along a dirt track just off Willie
Farrington Drive, south of Batabano Plaza. 

Witnesses reported hearing six to
seven shots, followed by a man vaulting a fence on the property and running off
toward the shopping centre.

Friends, family and co-workers
identified the 25-year-old victim as Alrick Peddie of Jamaica.

Rumours swirled in the hours after
the shooting that the incident had some connection to a killing that occurred
inside the former Next Level nightclub last year.

However, Mr. Peddie’s former
employer told the Compass Thursday that the man was not working at Next Level
on the September night when 35-year-old Carlo Webster was shot to death

Mr. Baines initially said Wednesday
that police had received no information that would tie the two shootings

Emotions were running high all
around the district of West Bay Wednesday afternoon as word of the latest
gunplay spread.

At the intersection of Willie Farrington Drive
and West Bay Road,
police officers had to hold back a woman who had crossed a police barricade
screaming and weeping.  

“I want to see my husband, please!
I want to see my husband!” the woman sobbed as officers at the scene attempted
to comfort her.

Outside Batabano Plaza
a young man slammed his fists down on a car and yelled in frustration after
finding out about the deadly shooting.  

A teary-eyed local store owner at
Batabano Plaza said she knew the victim only by his street name
“Bling” and said the man had come to the store several times before
with his baby in tow. 

Residents said the area where the
shooting occurred was a known neighbourhood hangout and that young men were
often seen in the yard during the day.  A woman was believed to have been
inside the home when gunshots were fired out on the lawn. She was not hurt in
the incident.  

Mr. Peddie’s body was still on the
scene when police detectives arrived, and Commissioner Baines said it was clear
there had been no chance of saving the man. 

As is standard protocol, the body
was later transported to the Cayman Islands hospital
where the victim was formally pronounced dead.

West Bay was flooded with police immediately after the shooting occurred. A
convoy of five police cars had blocked West Bay Road, checking vehicles that
were leaving the area and heading toward George
Town. The check point was maintained for more
than an hour after the shooting.


An RCIPS officer comforts a family member of the shooting victim Wednesday afternoon.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. Just like the US was and is too politically correct to address the gang war on its border I see Cayman doing the same. Now the US has a full fledged civil war on its southern border. Is there hope that those with gang connections will be “asked” to leave?

    Please act and restore the culture and future of Cayman.

  2. When is Cayman government going to stop parading around like fat cats and actually do something about this? For those of us that know the old Cayman this is absolutely devestating to read these stories week after week-and I am not even living on the island anymore. But you know what-my father, and cousins are. What are you doing to protect them Cayman-whatever it is, clearly it is not enough. Wake up and reclaim your island Caymanians before it is too late.

  3. You all should be more careful with your headlines.This headline Security guard shot dead makes it sound like he was on duty .You could have put man shot dead AGAIN in W/Bay One thing for sure he secure a spot in a grave yard .

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