Stricter prison rules ahead

A proposal to “blanket” certain telecommunications
facilities within Northward prison is being discussed amongst Cayman Islands

Elected lawmakers also indicated that visitation rights for
serious criminals might be restricted at the prison.

Premier McKeeva Bush said Cabinet members agreed there was a
need assert greater control at the lock up.

“There has to be a move for complete blanketing of Northward
Prison,” Mr. Bush said. “When we get (prisoners) locked up, they got
girlfriends that will smuggle things into Northward. What are these people
thinking of?”

Education Minister Rolston Anglin said this proposal is not
a done deal and lawmakers will have to work within human rights constraints.

“(It’s) not as simple as you think,” Mr. Anglin said.

In addition, Mr. Anglin said plans were in motion to prevent
“intimate visits” from family members for the most serious convicted criminals.

“If you have committed a serious crime, your visits will be
limited behind thick glass windows with a single two-way telephone,” Mr. Anglin
said. “No personal contact whatsoever.”

Both men made their comments at a Saturday evening meeting
hosted at John Cumber Primary School hall in West Bay. The meeting was held as
a public forum where people could express concerns about crime in the district.

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  1. If it is anything like Canada is seems the inmates run the prison and have more rights then the rest of us.When a person get sent to prison they should lose all there rights and come under a seperate inmate bill of rights.

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