Search continues for CNB robbers, school gates locked

 Officials at Savannah Primary
School were taking precautions following the afternoon robbery of Cayman
National Bank at Country Side Village today.

Principal Margaret Rattray said all
school doors and gates were locked for the protection of the children. But any
parents or guardians who wish to collect their children from school are
welcomed to do so.

after 12.30 p.m. this afternoon, Thursday, 4 February, 2010, two men entered
the Cayman National Bank, Countryside Shopping Centre, in Savannah. Both men
were wearing masks and one was armed with what appeared to be a handgun.

men threatened staff and one fired a shot into the air. No-one was injured.

men then ran off with a sum of cash. They were last seen running into the
parking lot.

Police tracker dogs, Rescue One and
armed response vehicles are on the scene.

 The Chamber of Commerce is appealing to its membership for donations to
raise a $25,000 reward for information leading to the capture of two suspects.

persons with information should contact Cayman Crime Stoppers tipster line on
800 – tips (8477). All tips are anonymous. For members wishing to make reward
contributions, contact Chamber CEO Wil Pineau directly on [email protected]


RCIPS crime scene techs prepare to enter the scene of Thursday’s robbery.
Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. Desperate times equal desperate measures

    One solution to consider Metal Detectors. Yes it will slow down customer trafic however im sure it will also act as a deterrent to a would be perpetrator.

  2. We need to get away from reactive measures and tackle threats before they manifest as an action. Intelligence, well equipped and highly trained officers, zero tolerance and a legal system to back it all up. An incarceration facility that operates to international standards is a must.
    Look to successful agencies around the globe and review their methodology, and I don’t mean our northern neighbours who implement reactive measures more in line with marketing and financial gain than effective criminal control.

  3. ET: I agree 100 percent and id like to ask your opinion on a matter that i believe Govt should desperatley be focusing on?

    Im sure this robbery is a result of persons not having a secure income,now we can debate all day about these persons neglegance to human safety and why they should be punished but i think the real cure to this trend of crime is identifying a way of making sure all citizens of this island has food to eat and a pillow to sleep on.

    Yes this is not the concern of civillans even though this island claims christianity every chance it gets but surely its the Govts responsibilty in order to keep its people safe and happy.

    What actions do you take as a Govt to make sure your citizens all have their basic needs meet?

    your thoughts