Today’s Editorial for April 6: Keep an eye on TCI

Woe unto the Cayman Islands if the
UK government decides it needs to come back to our shores to investigate

We’re already out of pocket to the
tune of almost $10 million for an investigation into alleged misconduct and corruption
within our police force.

It could well be argued that the
police officers from the UK Metropolitan Police force that were here conducting
the investigation had a well paid vacation because not one criminal conviction
was secured against anyone, for anything.

Throughout the operation people’s
reputations were put on the line, lawsuits had to be settled and paid out and
Government is still facing lawsuits from the whole sordid mess.

There have been requests in the
Legislative Assembly for the Cayman Islands Government to sue the UK to recover
part or all of the money, but so far the request doesn’t have the support of
the entire House.

And we’re not sure it would do any
good, taking into account what is happening with the Turks and Caicos Islands.

A special investigator conducting a
political corruption probe there has said she is running out of money to
continue the UK-ordered investigation and the UK house Foreign Affairs
Committee has recommended that the British Government pony up the money.

But the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office is refusing to budge.

As it stands the UK has taken
complete control over the finances as well as Crown land in TCI and the
island’s economy has suffered since the UK takeover. Tourism revenue is down
and islanders have become so angry that they took to the streets last month
demanding that the British leave their shores.

There is even the threat that the
small territory would likely have to cut services like health and public safety
to pay for the ongoing probe.

The Cayman Islands needs to keep a
very wary eye on what is occurring in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

As long as we are attached to
Mother’s apron strings we have to watch our Ps and Qs. As is evidence from
Operation Tempura, the UK can come in and empty our coffers at any time.