Kids get RCIPs visit

 Some eager youngsters at Triple-C recently
had the chance to learn about the police.

On 23 March the Kindergarten class
of Triple C School received a special visit from Officer Harvey from the Royal
Cayman Islands Police. During the visit Officer Harvey shared with the students
how to identify a local police officer by having them take notice of special
details of a police officer’s uniform.

Officer Harvey also told the
students about the duties of a police officer and how it involves a lot more
than making arrests and issuing traffic tickets.

“The students were obviously
delighted to have Officer Harvey as a resource right there in their classroom,”
said Kindergarten teacher Pearl Rattary.

“Officer Harvey interacted well
with the students, especially when their flood of questions and answers were
coming at him. I know that this will not be the last educational visit from the
RCIP to the kindergarten classes of Triple C School.”