Chinese knife killer sentenced to death

former community doctor has been sentenced to death for stabbing and killing eight
children outside their primary school last month in east China.

Minsheng, 41, admitted “intentionally killing” the children on 23 March
at the gate of the Nanping Experimental Elementary School.

He said he carried out the attack
after being rejected by a woman.

Police said he had no history of
mental illness – contradicting reports at the time of the murders.

At the trial, which lasted four
hours, prosecutors played
15 video clips, totalling 55 seconds of footage, showing Zheng stabbing
children with a knife as they arrived at the school

told the court, “I’m willing to shoulder responsibility for what I’ve

appearing agitated, repeatedly told the court he had been turned down by a girl
and suffered unfair treatment from the girl’s wealthy family, which prompted
him to carry out the attack.

Five children survived the attack
at the school. One remains under observation in intensive care.

The families of the eight students
killed have received more than $38,000 each from the government in
compensation, local officials said.