Triple C School seniors gain career insights

choosing a career is easy for some children, a choice that their talents and
temperaments dictate, most welcome advice and discussion on what their options
are and how to achieve them.

Since the
start of the year, Triple C School has invited speakers from local businesses
to give careers talks to its Year 12 students.

resources and labour consultant Walling Whittaker gave last month’s careers

The former
director of Employment Relations spoke to 18 students sharing his insights of
the local employment market. He said that “although there were over $2 million
worth of private sector scholarships available [locally], there was a low

Mr. Whittaker
also spoke about government sponsorships to undertake courses locally and

“We spent a
lot of time discussing access to this under-utilised option,” he said.

In talking
about planning and self-awareness when it came to making career choices, his presentation
outlined what it took to become an entrepreneur, as well as job opportunities
for young Caymanians in the current labour market.

Mr. Whittaker did
a quick survey of attendees to find out their career interests.

“There was an
interesting mix between those wanting to enroll in professional studies courses
and those who wanted to take community-oriented courses,” he said.

thing I found from the survey was that none of them said that earnings potential
was the primary factor when it came to their career choices.”

He said that many
of the students had already selected a career with the help of their careers
teacher and parents.

Mr. Whittaker
said: “Interestingly, 20 to 25 per cent of the students wanted to take
technical vocational training.”

 Trades mentioned by the Year 12 students
included cosmetology, plumbing, air conditioning and water sports.”

businessman, who runs his own environmental engineering firm, then spoke about
the potential rewards of graduating from a Technical and
Vocational Education and Trainingprogramme. “I told them
that most trades people ended up owning their own businesses and that I supported
and encouraged it.”

The school’s director
of development, Marjorie Ebanks, said: “One of the components of the careers
and guidance class is to use local speakers to make careers come alive for the

“The talks
complement the school’s introduction to the world of work programme (which
covers, among other things, self-evaluation, identification of God-given
talents, goal setting, problem solving, and ethics); its work experience
programme… and research students are assigned on tertiary institutions.

“We are always
looking at ways to give our students an edge over other school leavers when it
comes to information which helps them make informed career choices,”   she added.


Walling Whittaker gives a careers presentation to the senior career class of Triple C School.
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