Brac long haul

Ultra-swimming sounds like a crazy
idea for weekend warriors looking for a new challenge.

Well it’s coming this weekend with
two swims in Cayman Brac. The first is a relatively easy 800 metres, the second
involves swimming at least 4.7 miles from Brac to Little Cayman.

Last month Alex Harling and Andrea
Roach were part of a six-member team that swam the six miles across North
Sound. They are at it again this weekend. First it’s the 800m ‘tune up’ and
then they go for the big one along with Bill McFarland, president of the Cayman
Islands Amateur Swimming Association along with a couple of Brackers, Felix
Ebanks and Matthew Scott.

The long distance is really an
estimate because nobody knows for sure.

“Down the pub afterwards it may
well turn out that in fact we swam 10 miles.” said Harling who for some strange
reason fears shark attacks.  

“I’m glad a few Brackers will also
swim because more bodies in the water means a lower probability of me being
bitten by sharks!

“After the North Sound swim I am no
longer worried about arm ache, tiredness, stamina, waves, or jellyfish.
However, despite an attempted nerve settler, diving and swimming with sharks in
New Providence two weeks ago, sharks and other big bitey things remain my
biggest concern.

“I expect my eyeballs won’t stop
swivelling during the swim.”

To everyone’s knowledge this is the
first swim of this type for probably a couple of decades.

Mike Hundt is a teacher at Spot Bay
in Cayman Brac and part-time swimming coach and organiser of swimming events
like Saturday’s 800m.

He said: “Over 20 years ago, a dive
master with Brac Aquatics successfully swam from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman
in around two hours.

“He was accompanied by a boat, the
Sea Wolf, captained by Frankie Bodden. Two snorkelers and a photo journalist in
scuba gear also provided support and chronicled the event. He did the swim in
order to raise funds for a swimming pool for Cayman Brac.”

Harling raise over
CI$2,000 for Cancer Research UK for the North Sound swim but won’t be doing it
for charity this time but in the future swims like this could be done for
worthy causes.