Urgent appeal for blood

 Cayman’s blood bank is in urgent
need of O negative, O positive and A positive blood.

According to a spokesman from the Health
Services Authority, hospitalisations since Monday have drained the hospital’s
blood supply.

“We urgently need individuals to
donate blood,” said Caswell Walford of the Health Services Authority.

People who want to donate blood can
go directly to the Blood Bank on the second floor of the Hospital.

For more information, contact the Blood
Donor Services Department at 244-2674 or 244-2677.


  1. I would love to help with this request (having 0 positive) as I was also an active blood & plasma donor in my home country Germany. But I was turned down by the blood bank twice simply due to the fact that I lived in Germany during my child hood & youth. The CI hospital is using US regulations on blood donors going back to mad cow disease in the UK in the 90’s. This prevents pretty much all European expats or even residents born in Europe to give blood to support the local hospitals. Maybe this should be reconsidered if they would like more people to help.

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