Ganja boat, suspects rounded up

Five Caymanian men and one Jamaican
man were arrested early Tuesday following a police operation in the Eastern districts
of Grand Cayman.  

Police said a “substantial quantity”
of ganja, along with some cocaine and hash oil was seized in the operation. Three
firearms were also recovered when the men were intercepted by police – having apparently
abandoned their boat which sank as they tried to make a landing on the local

Police said one firearm was taken
from one of the men. Two other weapons were recovered with ammunition after an
air and sea search that located the boat.



  1. Everyone is pleased to learn of the successful police operation in the Eastern districts that resulted in arrests, seizure of a substantial quantity of ganja, other drugs, and recovery of three firearms.

    The police should be heartily commended for carrying out such an eventful operation. Perhaps ongoing similar operations along Cayman shorelines will definitely result in a significant reduction of illegal guns and drugs entering the island.

    This kind of effective police action also serves to notify perpetrators of such crimes that there is a strong posibility they will be caught and dealth with accodingly.

    Keep up the good work, RCIPS! We are with you all the way.


    It stands to reason that illegal firearms accompanied by guns and ammunition are entering the island via the “ganja boats.”

    I believe that should the police continue to