Today’s Editorial for April 26: Do something about Wesy Bay Road

It’s time to do something about
West Bay Road.

We pray that the visiting
pedestrian who was mowed down by a driver Monday evening while trying to cross
the road lives. She is in critical condition at a Miami hospital having been
airlifted there from Grand Cayman as of this writing.

It’s not the first time a
pedestrian has been hit on West Bay Road. A few years ago a pedestrian lost his
life when he was hit by a driver. The driver served severe jail time.

The residents of West Bay asked for
an arterial road and they got one. It’s high time those travelling to and from
the District of West Bay use it. Get off West Bay Road.

The speed limit on West Bay Road
should be reduced and those who abuse the turning lane as a passing lane should
be punished.

Yes, the government is strapped for
cash, but putting some money into improving West Bay Road to make it safer
would be a wise investment.

We suggest a median like the one on
Crewe Road between Kings Gym and the roundabout near Grand Harbour with
designated turn areas. Yes, it would be inconvenient to drivers but it would be
so much safer for pedestrians.

There should also be designated
pedestrian crossings. Take a look at how effective the crosswalk is on Elgin
Avenue where pedestrians push a button on a caution light and drivers actually
stop and let them cross over from the Immigration Department area to the Glass
House area. The raised crosswalk also forces Elgin Avenue drivers to slow down
even when pedestrians aren’t present.

It’s bad enough that a visitor was
hit and will forever have that tale to tell about the Cayman Islands to other
potential visitors, if she lives.

There are many residents of the
Cayman Islands who attempt daily to cross West Bay Road in ever-increasing dangerous
traffic and some of those residents are pushing prams with children inside.
Please don’t let another pedestrian – visitor or resident – get hit on West Bay


  1. I heard the Director of the NRA on the radio the other day saying there was NO money. We know times are tight, but no need for grandiose plans here – they can come later. For now all we need is a couple of crossings (labour to paint, outline etc. and some paint) and new speed signs bring the speed down from 40 to 30 (purchase price plus labour to take down the old and put up the new). Let’s just start witht those two items shall we?

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