East End given props

Minister of Sport Mark Scotland honoured
East End’s community athletes at the
district’s Community Sport Committee’s post-season awards presentation.

The ceremony marked the end of both
the youth swimming programme and the developmental volleyball league.

Year 3 student Nathan Conolly was
named the most improved swimmer in a two-month swimming course that saw some
fifty children take advantage of free lessons offered through Ocean Frontiers.

George Hicks student Adam Rankine
received the award for most valuable youth volleyball player after a gruelling
inter-district volleyball competition in which the Youth All Stars East End
Youth played the Youth
All Stars
West Bay.

“I am glad to see that the
Department of Sport’s community sport initiative is already bearing fruit,” said
minister Scotland.
“Sport is beneficial mentally as well as physically and these endeavours fulfil
one of my Ministry’s key goals: to develop our youth this way.”

The community sport committee
project is the brainchild of acting sport director Collin Anglin who wants to
see every district powering sports independently.

“To me, sport means far more than
just playing games. It is one of the most positive ways to channel our youth’s
energy, teach them discipline and give them a sense of accomplishment. And we
need to tap into that.

“However, we cannot do it alone,
which is why we are empowering our communities to drive sport development. The
Department of Sport helps community volunteers set up their committees and then
we continue to support by providing venues and equipment as needed.”